Fertilização da Terra pela Terra | Earth Fertilizing Itself

Take a look at this exciting new video (with subtitles in English!) that has been released about the trajectory of remineralization/Rochagem in Brazil.

The narration of Othon Leonardos in the beginning captures beautiful footage of the geological processes that show how rock minerals have fertilized soils since antiquity.

Suzi Huff Theodoro shows how forests recycle nutrients and the importance of organic matter, particularly in the Amazon. She takes us on a tour to Sitio Semente, an agroforestry farm just outside of Brasilia in the midst of degraded lands, a virtual paradise producing fruits, vegetables, cacao and coffee. The project only required one initial application of rock dust and has needed no outside outside inputs thereafter after four years.

Following Sitio Semente she takes us to Malunga Farm, an incredibly diverse and productive large scale organic farm for fruits, vegetables, dairy and livestock that also utilizes remineralization and distributes its products in Brasilia.

We next travel to a Quilombola community in Bahia in the Northeast of Brazil. Here, remineralization has been taking place for many years within a few communities, originally through the collaboration of Othon and Suzi, and then through the research and demonstration projects of Suzi over the years. Remineralize the Earth is partnering with Suzi on a research project in Bahia focus on cultivating cactus for fodder with the addition of rock dust.

On the last leg of the trip, Suzi takes us to a quarry in Minais Gerais that is marketing rock dust for agriculture.

Geologists Suzi Huff Theodoro at a quarry in Minas Gerais


Starting in the year 2000, Brazilian institutes began to research remineralization for regional use. Brazil imports 70% of its fertilizers because the soils are greatly lacking potassium and other nutrients. Remineralization with a variety of rock dusts will reduce Brazil’s dependence on imported fertilizers in the future. For this reason there is a strong mandate for remineralization. A large body of research exists, the laws have been put in place to commercialize the production of rock dust and the future looks promising for Brazilian agriculture’s energy independence moving towards an ecologically and economically sustainable future.

Brazil’s path is the beginning of a promising future trajectory for other countries, so let’s take what lessons we can from their example!

Click here to see this groundbreaking video.


Fertilização da Terra pela Terra | Earth Fertilizing Itself

Executive Production and Research: Suzi Huff Theodoro

Production: AV Filmes

Screenplay and Director: Pedro Guimarães

Photography Director: Cezar Valois

Brasília, Brasil, 2016.

Othon Leonardos and Suzi Huff Theodoro are both on RTE’s Board of Advisors.

Please see more about the work of Othon:


Suzi also appears on many videos on our website and both Othon and Suzi have many research studies in our online research database.


Joanna Campe is founder and executive director of Remineralize the Earth.

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