Additional Dan Kittredge Workshop Opportunities

Dan Kittredge 2010 Workshop Series

In addition to the previously mentioned workshops, Dan Kittredge will be teaching a series of workshops throughout 2010 covering the topic of nutrient dense crop production. These workshops draw from cutting edge research and long proven techniques that build the ideal soil environment for crop growth and production.


Sunderland, MA: Jan-17, Mar-14, May-2, July-11, Sept-12, Nov-14

Hartford, CT: Jan-1, Mar-21, May-16, Jul-18, Sep-19, Nov-21

Columbia County, NY: Jan-10, Mar-07, May-08, Jul-10, Sep-11, Nov-07

Montpelier, VT: Feb-7, Mar-28, May-23, Jul-25, Sep-26, Nov-28

Lincoln, MA: Jan-23, Mar-13, Apr-24, Jun-27, Aug-29, Oct-31

The cost is $270 for the a whole series or $50 per workshop.dan-umass

To register, contact:

Dan Kittredge
Phone: 978-257-2627
E-mail Id:
Web site:

This series is also designed to take the grower step-by-step through the principles, practices, and materials that will optimize crop health and growth.

The essential premise of this series is that if all of the environmental factors are ideal for the crop that is being grown, it will perform to the potential of its DNA. That means the nutritive levels will be at their peak, the yields will be at their peak, as well as pest and disease resistance. An ideal environment gives the plants an opportunity to thrive.

Starting with the soil, and mineral deficiencies are delineated with suggested correctives, primarily rock minerals, with some biological inoculants, bacterial and fungal and soil life food, fish, kelp, humates, and sugar or molasses.

We then move to seed inoculation, transplant inoculation, and soil energy monitoring. As the course progresses we will detail plant and soil monitoring, nutrient drenches and foliar sprays also.

We will cover numerous details on subjects rarely discussed such as plant physiology, plant and fungal/bacterial symbioses, the timing of growth and fruiting cycles and how to maximize their effect, and foliar sprays designed to effect leaf or fruit growth will be explained. Resources provided.

The entire course is based on a half principle/half practice daily schedule. We will meet one day every two months starting in January, and detail practices necessary to maximize the vitality of the biological system and crop for the next two months and principles behind why these practices make sense.


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