Using mulch to get rid off perennial weeds


   I have not always been so keen on mulching, because perrenial weeds as coughgrass and thistles seem to thrive very well and even spread as crazy in mulched beds.Weeding this was time consuming, and as soon as I pulled one plant, a new shoot came up right through the mulch. Digging was also not easy to do in the mulch.Add more mulch was too mulch-consuming. I don’t know why i did’t practice this from the start, but I ones got the idea to just lift the mulch the weeds has been growing through with a fork, and this way be laying the growing weeds on the ground with the old mulch on the top. It seems that the weedplants are not stimulated to shoot, but continue to grow sideways from their tips,  covered in a matter of decomposing mulch. Anyway, after a few mulch-liftings, the toughest weeds at my place didnt appear anymore.Seems to me faster way then repeatedly dig or hoe a bed to get rid off perennials.It is wonderful for making grasslands (with cough)  into beds.The soilstructure and soillife is just incredible compared to digged beds.Incredible moist as well.Important is to dig around the mulched bed to cut running roots.


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