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Project for Soil Remineralization and Reforestation in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

from Remineralize the Earth and Ocean Arks International

Forest edge in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

For over forty years the unique dryland tropical forests of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica have been clear-cut for timber and planted to exotic grasses in order to expand cattle production. In recent years the land has been exhausted in many places and cattle production is down. Erosion and exposed soils support a diminished flora. Atmospheric carbon sequestration by the plants is at an all time low.

The great exception is the nearby Guanacaste National Park. Under the gifted leadership of Professor Daniel Janzen, fires have been suppressed, and cattle grazing has been reduced or eliminated. Over the last twenty years a new forest has begun to appear and the flora and fauna that encourage the forest’s biodiversity have also begun to return. Despite progress in reforestation efforts, the rate of reemergence of the forest is constrained by poor soils.

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Minerals for Aging Soils

By Dr. Lee Klinger, Ph.D.

Now that I’ve passed the half-century mark I feel fortunate to be only slightly worse for the wear as my body copes with getting older. None-the-less, lingering aches in my joints and bones are telling signs that my body is aging. These aches come as no surprise of course. Scientific studies indicate that as organisms grow old their metabolisms slow down and their tissues acidify. Acidification leads to a departure from the chemically balanced, neutral pH state preferred by most living systems, around pH 7. I’m quite aware that the buildup of acidity in the human body is associated with any number of health problems, from osteoporosis to diabetes. All the more reason to stay active, eat good organic food (grown here on the farm), and take mineral supplements to buffer my body against the buildup of acids that would attack my bones and cartilage. But that’s only half of the story.

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Forests of Champions

A Conversation with Tree Farmer David Milarch Who Sees New Hope in Old Giants.
By David Yarrow 

Christmas Eve, 1996, I interviewed David Milarch, founder of the Michigan Champion Tree Project. Tall, bearded, with stout limbs and a thick trunk, he looks like a latter day Paul Bunyan. Or a full size chestnut tree in flesh and blood. But his lumberjack physique is dwarfed by his immense ideas – and his ardent exposition of them. However, the Paul Bunyan figure interrogating me is no lumberjack yelling, "Timber!" His vision is to grow, not cut trees – to renew, not remove, forests. And the big man is talking about the biggest of the big trees: the Champions.

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 Become Carbon Neutral and Remineralize Forests




Partners:  Ocean Arks International and Remineralize the Earth

Project Director:  William Turley

Tree Propagator:  Angie Sanchez

Scientific Director:  John Todd

Advisor:  Joanna Campe of Remineralize the Earth

Location:  Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Remineralize the Earth and Ocean Arks International have initiated the Costa Rica Agroforestry Project:  Food, Fuel and Income to sustain local communities.  We are currently documenting evidence of the enhanced growth of trees by using volcanic rockdust to enrich the soil while reforesting previously devastated, overgrazed grasslands.  The new forest is comprised of three categories of trees, all of which will help heal the land, build soils, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and combat global climate change. This project is the foundation of Ocean Arks Become Carbon Neutral Program which you can join in order to support this work and take advantage of this opportunity to offset your own carbon footprint.

A Message from Ocean Arks International:  Why Choose the Ocean Arks Plan ?

Whether you live low or high impact lives, it is important to think about becoming carbon neutral. When you are carbon, or CO2, neutral you are supporting activities that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. There are a number of options now available to the public, such as underwriting renewable energy through an arrangement with your local utility or energy supplier. At Ocean Arks we have made the decision that the best way for us to become carbon neutral is to plant trees in parts of the world that have been deforested and where reforestation will lead to improved soils and strengthen local economies. Trees are the real experts when it comes to taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequestering it. Through photosynthesis CO2 is taken up directly by the trees and through their soil building CO2 is stored in the ground. We chose Costa Rica for this program because the year round growing season allows for high rates of carbon dioxide removal and because it is a country dedicated to conservation, peace and to universal education and health care. In many ways Costa Rica is a model for how all societies could be organized. Ocean Arks has a long association with Costa Rica. 


Jatropha plants produce a sustainable biofuel and restore soils.

We realize that there are many Carbon Neutral plans out there. By all means check them out. We think ours is one of the best because you will actually see, via the OAI website, the trees you have paid for while they are growing. And in the future there will be opportunities for you visit the new forests of Guanacaste Province and meet the people who care for the trees.  

This project is intended to allow OAI members to contribute directly towards alleviating the build up of greenhouse gases. If you join the program, your new forest will offset CO2 and provide the basis of a stable economy in our area of Costa Rica. Under the leadership of program director William Turley, we have already begun planting native hardwoods, agro-forests and trees with secondary economic value, such as those producing useable oils. It is our intention to chronicle the story of the new forests for our membership. Helping in this way by becoming carbon neutral is what our Earth needs these days.







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