Revisiting the 1994 USDA Symposium on Soil Remineralization

Soil Remineralization
An Essential Environmental Action

By Frederick I. Scott, Jr.

On May 24, 1994, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (Beltsville, MD), the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) (Washington, DC), the National Stone Association (NSA) Washington, DC), and the National Aggregates Association (NAA) (Silver Springs, MD) cosponsored a forum on “Soil Remineralization and Sustainable Agriculture” at the USDA Agricultural Research Station in Beltsville, MD. That forum could represent a milestone marking officially-sanctioned efforts to implement long overdue action of fundamental importance to human survival, the ultimate reason for environmental concern. It deserves intensive and continuing attention to assure constructive application of the principles addressed.

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