Men of the Trees in Western Australia

Men of the Trees in Western Australia

Field and nursery trials directed by Barrie Oldfield, President.


Interpreting Results:

  • Five times the growth for the same species of trees.
  • The potting out time has been shortened from five months to six weeks.
  • The fineness of the dust particles is more important than the actual mass of the dust material.
  • With dust of which 61.9% of has a particle size of 75 microns or less, the beneficial plateau in these trials is in the region of 15-20 tons/ha. At 12 tons/ha the plant growth was markedly inferior.
  • Men of the Trees plant 1/3 million trees per year, mostly in arid climates in Australia and Africa.
  • Material used: granite dust from Pioneer Quarry.

Acacia saligna at 5 1/2 months were well on their way with well-developed phylodes of a rich shiny green.


Men of the Trees rock dust trials 1991, top growth of Eucalyptus gomphocephala at 5 1/2 months grown with 20 t/ha dust and inoculant incorporated into the potting mix, compared with the control.

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Men of the Trees rock dust trials 1991. Nursery Manager Monica Durcan compares the E. gomphocela seedlings grown with the rock dust soil amendment and inoculant with the control seedlings.

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