Large Market for Remineralization in China


Large Market for Remineralization in China

Biotech Bodisen, a large organic agricultural fertilizer company in China, was recently named the 16th fastest growing company in China by Forbes Magazine. Located in the country with the largest fertilizer market in the world (US $17 billion per year), Biotech Bodisen markets bio-based, fully degradable fertilizer products absent of manure and waste. They have recently acquired a large quantity of fossilized mineral deposits, which has been integrated into their product line. Bodisen recognizes the importance of marketing products to encourage sustainable soil treatment including the use of rock dust. All of their products are classified as “organic” by the Chinese government, meaning they do not produce crops containing harmful chemicals (however, they are not a USA organic certified fertilizer company). Biotech Bodisen has made incredible strides in making sustainable, ecologically friendly fertilization a profitable industry. They currently hold one of the world’s largest agricultural product distribution networks, reaching over 60% of China’s agricultural markets, up to 900 million farmers.

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