Join a Competition for Remineralized Carrots


Join a Competition for Remineralized Carrots

The June issue of Acres, USA, The Voice of Eco-Agriculture, is focused on minerals. In the article The Quest for Nutrient Density, by John C. Frank at International Ag-Labs, a competition has been created for all interested growers to grow the most nutrient dense carrots possible. We would like to invite remineralizers to submit their carrots for the competition. They will be analyzing a number of samples from various commercial growers, including Bob Cannard, who grows carrots for Alice Water’s Chez Panisse Restaurant. The results of the carrot competition, with some statistical analysis, will be made available to the public. Those producing carrots in the top ten brix level will be asked to submit their carrots for a free nutritional analysis. More information is available at the International Ag-Labs website, You can also contact Acres, USA for more information.

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