Azomite Rock Dust as a Cure for Citrus Blight Disease

Azomite Rock Dust as a Cure for Citrus Blight Disease

J.F.L. Childs

As written in a letter to Remineralize the Earth Editor, Joanna Campe

J.F.L. Childs used Azomite brand rock dust to cure trees affected with Citrus Blight Disease. To his knowledge, those cured are the only ones that have ever recovered from the disease which was reported in Florida in 1870. According to his research, this disease occurs wherever citrus trees are grown, although the name is different in different countries. He has reported research on this disease as follows:

Childs, J.F.L. 1953, Observations on Blight. Proc. Fla. Sta. Hort. Soc. 66:33:37.

Childs, J.F.L., L.E. Kopp, and R.E. Johnson. 1965 A species of Physoderma present in citrus and related species. Phytopath. 55:681-687.

Childs, J.F.L. and T.C. Carlysle, 1974. Some scanning electron microscope aspects of Blight disease on Citrus. Plant Dis. Rptr. 58:1051-56.

Childs, J.F.L. 1979. Florida Citrus Blight, Part I. Some causal aspects of Citrus Blight, Part II. Occurrence of Citrus Blight outside Florida. Plant Dis. Rptr. 63:565-569.

Childs, J.F.L., 1981, Control of Citrus Blight. Proc. Fla. Sta. Hort. Soc. 94:25-28.

He wishes to emphasize that to him, only Azomite or a similar rock dust will have this merit until proven otherwise with other types of rock dust.

J.F.L. Childs
1206 Nottingham Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Peak Minerals-Azomite
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Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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