Whole Foods Day


Whole Foods Day

Dan Kittredge, Executive Director of RTE, recently spent an afternoon at the Whole Foods in Brighton, MA, educating consumers about RTE’s upcoming Real Food campaign. The event was done in coordination with the Brighton and Framingham store coupon month campaign that raised funds for the Real Food campaign.

RTE offered remineralized apples from Saratoga Apple in Schuylerville, New York, and had them available for taste testing in comparison to commercially available organic apples that Whole Foods had for sale.

The almost universal response of consumers was to ask why the remineralized apples tasted better! Dan discussed the importance of minerals and trace elements in food, how the taste buds in the tongue will tell the body what food has more nutrition/minerals by detecting a more full flavor, and how minerals and trace elements are critical for personal health. The outline of the campaign to educate consumers about nutrient dense foods, organize farmers, retailers and agronomists to increase the amount of nutrient dense crops in the food supply was also discussed.

Dozens of people continued their shopping experience with an “aha” look in their eyes and asking for nutrient dense remineralized foods 🙂

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