Remineralize! A Fundraiser for the Future

Restore the Earth, Stabilize the Climate


Remineralization is a blueprint for restoring ecological balance. In replenishing our soils, this simple solution is crucial to rolling back the effects of climate change.


“Rock powders act as a natural slow release, long-lasting fertilizer greatly increasing soil fertility, biomass, biological productivity, and food supplies. At the same time, chemical reaction with rocks is the major mechanism that removes CO2 from the atmosphere on geological time scales. This is an important solution to reverse runaway global climate change. Remineralize the Earth is the major organization promoting and providing information on the use of rock powders in agriculture, pastures, forests, and for ecosystem regeneration.”

– Thomas J Goreau
Geotherapy (CRC Press)
Soil Carbon Alliance
UN Commission on Sustainable Development
Global Coral Reef Alliance


 “The efforts and significant achievements at RTE are deserving of your support.”

– Greg Watson
Former Commissioner of Agriculture, Massachusetts


RTE educates, advocates and engages in on-the-ground activism through domestic and international projects. Our multi-faceted approach incorporates grassroots community initiatives, as well as scientific research, entrepreneurial ventures and large-scale programs.

We invite your financial partnership to help us realize the global opportunity remineralization presents. Over many years, RTE has created a firm foundation on which to grow this opportunity. With your help, right now, we can put our vision and mission into action.

The upcoming years are critical for this planet. Remineralization is widely regarded as a powerful tool to dramatically improve agricultural and forestry yields, not only increasing production of healthy foods, but also helping plants to better absorb atmospheric CO2.

Together, we can put RTE’s vision and mission into action. Join us on a new path. Help us transform the world with rock dust!


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