Possibilities for Development of the Wood and Forestry Economy in Germany that Include Remineralization

Magazine Article
Gartner, Edgar

Schwalm-Eder County in North Hesse is especially noteworthy for forestry research because of the potential for developing reforestation on a large scale, especially for the transformation of agricultural land into forests. There is so much overproduction in the agricultural Common Market that about 70% of the agricultural budget of $25 billion is used for the storage of overproduction or for the destruction of it. This has to lead at some point to less intensive agricultural production. The Common market now covers only 40% of its wood requirement; and aside from Japan, the Common Market countries import the most tropical wood, especially from West Africa and Eastern Asia. At the Paris SILVA conference in 1986, the Common Market countries pledged to develop their own forests and reduce the cutting of forests overseas. In order to accomplish this, there needs to be a change of subsidies from the agricultural to the forestry sector.

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