Letter to President Biden

In a letter released in advance of President Joe Biden’s Earth Day April 22-23 Leaders Summit on Climate, Remineralize the Earth joined Methane Action and CPR Initiative to encourage global leaders to focus not only on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but to adopt a robust program to assess, develop and deploy evidence-based negative emissions technologies (NETs).

The April 15 letter was signed by Joanna Campe, Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth, Daphne Wysham, Chief Executive Officer of Methane Action, and Dan Galpern, CPR Initiative General Counsel and Executive Director. John Fitzgerald, CPR Initiative Vice President, and Legal Counsel to Methane Action spearheaded the effort.

Combining enhanced rock weathering (EW) and remineralization with a regenerative agriculture model would enhance carbon sequestration in soils and improve agricultural yields, simply by replacing conventional chemical fertilizer with rock dust and biochar as well as other regenerative farming practices. This NET has the downstream benefit of buffering the oceans, mitigating significant harm of excess atmospheric CO2: ocean acidification and its degradation of marine life.

Coming soon, we will post an article in the News section of the website about this legislative campaign and the draft of the Executive Order, which includes enhanced weathering and remineralization.

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