TJ Environmental Impact Club Creates New Remineralization Committee


Earlier this year, Ray Liu, our volunteer webmaster who has been working with us for two and a half years, founded a Remineralization Committee at his high school’s Environmental Impact Club in an effort to further promote research and publicity of remineralization.

Ray Liu

Ray Liu

In February of the 2015-2016 school year, senior Ray Liu from the Environmental Impact Club (EIC) created a new committee that focuses on the topic of remineralization, the process of returning minerals to the soil in order to fertilize the soil. Liu’s purpose for creating the committee was to raise awareness about remineralization and its benefits.

“Earth currently faces a number of environmental problems, and we cannot take a healthy, sustainable future of our planet for granted,” Liu said. “I believe that with future research and publicity, remineralization can become a revolutionary solution to these problems.”

One benefit of remineralization is that it can be be used in conjunction with other procedures.

“The simple concept of remineralization can be easily integrated with other sustainable agriculture techniques such as composting, compost teas, vermiculture, biochar, permaculture, and other sustainable practices, and we can all contribute to the goal of creating and promoting food security worldwide,” rising senior Daniel Chen, co-founder of the committee, said.

The Remineralization committee has already worked with Remineralize the Earth (, a nonprofit organization that is the head in the advocation of remineralization.

“We plan to do volunteer work with Remineralize the Earth, an international nonprofit organization at the forefront of remineralization research and publicity,” Liu said. “We also plan to implement remineralization experiments in TJ’s new main greenhouse when it opens up next year.”

The committee also plans to work with the main greenhouse and two different labs at Jefferson.

“We are working on partnering with TJ’s Senior Research Laboratories to promote remineralization-related projects. Last year a group in the Chemical Analysis and Nanochemistry Senior Research Lab investigated remineralization as a possible antidote to Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees,” Chen said.

Students interested in joining the committee can attend EIC meetings every Wednesday B block. In the committee, students will have the opportunity to work with both the greenhouse and Remineralize the Earth.

“Students can do anything from helping with the greenhouse experiments to volunteering with Remineralize The Earth, in the form of a variety of activities that may include website design/development, social media, grant writing, fundraising, literature review, and scientific writing,” Liu said.

Reprinted with permission from the author of the tjTODAY online article:

Ray Liu

Ray is currently a senior attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and has more than four years of experience in website design and development. He is responsible for enhancing the website UI and making content updates to improve the user experience. He is also responsible for managing our Ning online community site. In addition, Ray is also conducting remineralization research at his school’s Chemical Analysis and Nanochemistry Senior Research Laboratory, and has started a Remineralize The Earth Committee at his school’s Environmental Impact Club to promote research and publicity of remineralization. Ray has seen the impacts of environmental problems our planet faces through his travels, and he strongly believes remineralization is an essential tool that can help solve these problems.


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