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dan_wholefoodsThe Real Food Campaign will make nutrient dense foods available in the marketplace and create a new standard for food quality.

The Real Food Campaign is educating and networking with consumers and retailers, farmers, scientists and policy makers about the need for nutrient dense foods.

The Real Food Campaign coordinates and supports all programs that produce healthier and more nutrient dense crops for our food supply.

Nutrient Dense foods are healthier, more vibrant, tastier and last longer.


Real Food: The Coming Market Standard

Creating a new higher value market for farmers.

There has been an average 63% nutrient decline in American foods between 1941 and 2000.

Nutrient Dense Foods provide excellent nutrition and have exceptional flavor.

They have virtually no free nitrates, do not cause indigestion, and have properly formed proteins. They have very high levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals. As a result they have the greatest impact on improving health and providing nutrition against disease. Calcium is abundantly supplied as are rare earth nutrients such as selenium, chromium, iodine, vanadium, and cobalt.

No one can have health without full nutrition.

Consumer Demand

The 21st century is the century of the consumer.

We target those consumers who are willing to pay premium prices when we provide them with a quality product.

Consumers regularly show willingness to pay fair prices for quality farm products, and will pay for anything that has or is perceived to have superior quality.

There is no competition in the high brix high quality market. You can not come close to supplying that market. There is only competition in mediocrity.

Taste remains a critical issue in the market and consumers will always raise this issue first.

Consumers have a right to expect that what they are consuming provides value i.e., health.

The farm can truly be the pharmacy.

The Real Food Campaign is:

  • Organizing consumers and consumer groups to lobby retailers to provide nutrient dense crops on their shelves.
  • Recruiting farmers producing nutrient dense crops who can provide them to retailers who will want them.
  • Coordinating specialists in the field to develop standards for nutrient density.
  • Creating educational materials that explain the importance of nutrient dense crops to share with active consumer groups.
  • Allying with agronomists and consultants to farmers to educate their clients about new markets and premiums.
  • Actively listening to all constituencies so as to integrate their wisdom and experience into a coherent strategy for the campaign.

What You Can Do

As a farmer your crops will be listed for consumers, wholesalers and retailers who are willing to pay a premium for nutrient dense crops.

As a consultant for farmers who need guidance in producing nutrient dense crops.

As a distributor of products that farmers need to produce nutrient dense crops.

As a wholesaler/retailer who wants to be listed for consumers looking for nutrient dense crops.

As a consumer group that wants to educate about the need nutrient dense crops.

As a consumer who wants to purchase nutrient dense crops.

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