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Rock Dust and Pest Control

Among organic methods of pest control, rock dust is one of the safest for people, soil, and plants. (more…)

John Todd – Ecology From 40,000 Feet

“When we’re flying at 40,000 feet and we look down, we see a marvelous amount of innovation in agriculture, environmental restoration, green architecture, in systems design and in renewable energy development,” Dr. John Todd tells Organic Connections. “The news on the ground has never been richer, more diverse or in some respects more global. There probably isn’t a continent on which we don’t have something happening, and that just wasn’t the case 20 years ago.” (more…)

Water purification and lava/lava-basalt dust!

More than 60 years ago prominent German scientists, under the guidance of Dr. K. Seidel, rediscovered, by observing nature, the self-cleansing process of natural rivers, streams, and waterways. Botanical sewage purification, a natural process, is an outgrowth from classical land treatment of wastewater. Today, this classical method of application to land has been updated and serves as an ideal, natural way to purify human, animal and industrial sewage. It also has the potential to clean rainwater, reservoirs, and groundwater. The system consists of shallow basins connected by pipes. The purification is accomplished through a symbiotic relationship ...