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People Planting Paradise: Stephan Reeve on Maui

In October 2001 I made my 3rd trip to Maui to visit my good friend, dedicated horticulturist, and tree planter, Stephan Reeve, who, like me, is a long-time health and raw-organic foods enthusiast. His "Fruition" orchard-farm project is an inspiring ecological model. (more…)

Stone Age Science: Rejuvenating the Earth with Rock Dust

Dylan Keating explores the global implications of rock dust and explains why applying it in our gardens can transform our crops. (more…)

Minerals for Aging Soils

By Dr. Lee Klinger, Ph.D. Now that I've passed the half-century mark I feel fortunate to be only slightly worse for the wear as my body copes with getting older. None-the-less, lingering aches in my joints and bones are telling signs that my body is aging. These aches come as no surprise of course. (more…)

Bill Neu

Lyons, Wisconsin Six years ago, 2001, I started gardening for the sake of improving my ailing health. I was determined to garden organically for the sake of food purity. Setting out with little knowledge and almost zero experience I had two very disappointing years of only fair yield and relentless insect attack. Disillusioned, I then read up on some organic pest control approaches. Armed with a little non-toxic ammo I achieved less damaged produce. However it cost extra money and time and did not improve yield. (more…)

Julie Rawson

Julie Rawson Founder and Manager, Many Hands Organic Farm CSA, Barre, MassachusettsExecutive Director, Northeast Farming Association (NOFA) After success with some small scale testing with Ashfield Stone last year, we applied Suma Minerals this year (2007). I have had over the top harvests of sugar snap peas. Last week we harvested over 200 pounds of peas from about 420 row feet of plants that rose to 8 or 9 feet in height. The leaves on things like chard, beets, flat leaf parsley are stronger and more turgid than I have known them to be. There are many fewer old and ratty looking beet leaves than in the past. The cut flowers have more brightness ...

Rockdust Is the New Organic!

Two of the leading Organic Certification bodies, namely OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers) and SOPA (Scottish Organic Producers Association) have approved SEER Rockdust for use by their members. This means that such benefits as increased yield, pest and drought resistance, improved flavor and higher nutritional benefit can now be realised on a professional basis by the organic movement. (more…)

Real Food Campaign at Whole Foods Markets

  For Release after October 1, 2007 Remineralize the Earth (www.remineralize.org), an international environmental nonprofit organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign. The Real Food campaign will be launched in the coming months. It is focused on educating and networking farmers, agronomists, policy makers, supermarkets and consumers about remineralized, nutrient dense foods that are high in minerals and trace elements. (more…)