#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
#Reutilization of granite powder as an amendment and fertilizer for acid soils B. Silva Hermo; E. Garcia-Rodeja; M.T. Barral Silva; N. Vazquez Freire2005 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Enabling food security through use of local rocks and minerals Manning, D.A.C.; Theodoro, Suzi Huff2020 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#A preliminary evaluation of volcanic rock powder for application in agriculture as soil a remineralizer Claudete G. Ramos; Karen Pires; Luis F.S. Oliveira; Marcos L.S. Oliveira; Rubens M. Kautzmann; Xavier Querol2015 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Is the climate change mitigation effect of enhanced silicate weathering governed by biological processes? Arthur Vienne; Eric Struyf; Erik Verbruggen; Goll; Hagens; Hartmann; Jan Willem van Groenigen; Janssens; Jet Rijnders; Jordi Sardans; Neubeck; Penuelas; Philip Swoboda; Poblador; Sara Vicca2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration
#Effects of Rock Powder Additions to Cattle Slurry on Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Martin Hamer; Philip Swoboda; Stotter; Thomas Doring; Trimborn2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Urban Farming with Enhanced Rock Weathering As a Prospective Climate Stabilization Wedge Fatima Haque; Rafael M. Santos; Yi Wai Chiang2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Carbon Sequestration
#The role of enhanced rock weathering deployment with agriculture in limiting future warming and protecting coral reefs David J Beerling; Euripides P Kantzas; Negar Vakilifard; Neil R Edwards; Philip B Holden2021 LetterEnglish Agrogeology, Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Prospects for CO2 mineralization and enhanced weathering of ultramafic mine tailings from the Baptiste nickel deposit in British Columbia, Canada Anna L. Harrison; Gregory M. Dipple; Ian Power; Peter M.D. Bradshaw2019 Journal ArticleEnglish Agrogeology, Carbon Sequestration
#Opportunity for increasing the soil quality of non-arable and depleted soils in South Africa: A review Angelique Daniell; Danél van Tonder2021 ReviewEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Large carbon sink potential of secondary forests in the Brazilian Amazon to mitigate climate change Catherine Torres de Almeida; Celso H. L. Silva Junior; Henrique L. G. Cassol; Joanna I. House; Liana O. Anderson; Luiz E. O. C. Aragão; Marcos Adami; Ricardo Dalagnol; Stephen Sitch; Thais M. Rosan; Tristram C. Hales; Viola H. A. Heinrich; Wesley A. Campanharo2021 Journal ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
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