#TitleAuthorsYearType of PublicationLanguageResearch Area
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#Dust in the Wind Taylor, David A.2002 Journal ArticleEnglish Climate Change
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#A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees Klinger, Lee2009 Conference ProceedingsEnglish Agriculture
#Efficacy, sustainability and diffusion potential of rock dust for soil remediation in Chontales, Nicaragua Haller, Henrik2011 Master's ThesisEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
#Rock’s power to mop up carbon revisited Cressey, Daniel2014 News ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Prehistoric agricultural depletion of soil nutrients in Hawai‘i Chadwick, O. A.; Hartshorn, A. S.; Kirch, P. V.; Vitousek, P. M.2006 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture
#Geoengineering potential of artificially enhanced silicate weathering of olivine Hartmann, Jens; Köhlera, Peter; Wolf‐Gladrow, Dieter A.2010 Journal ArticleEnglish Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change
#Global Soil Nutrient Depletion and Yield Reduction Lal, R.; Tan, Z. X.; Wiebe, K.D.2005 Journal ArticleEnglish Agriculture, Agrogeology
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