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Forests of Champions

  A Conversation with Tree Farmer David Milarch Who Sees New Hope in Old Giants. By David Yarrow    We can dream the future, we can talk about the future, we can visualize the future, but if we really want a future, we must act. Christmas Eve, 1996, I interviewed David Milarch, founder of the Michigan Champion Tree Project. Tall, bearded, with stout limbs and a thick trunk, he looks like a latter day Paul Bunyan. Or a full size chestnut tree in flesh and blood. But his lumberjack physique is dwarfed by his immense ideas - and his ardent exposition of them. However, the Paul Bunyan figure interrogating me is no lumberjack ...


Remineralize Soils to Optimum Elemental Balance SeaAgri, Inc. introduces SEA-90, a 100% water soluble, natural, non-synthetic, mined mineral fertilizer approved for use by certified organic farmers is avaiable in North America. SEA-90 is a remarkable new product containing 90+ essential elements. (more…)

Revisiting the 1994 USDA Symposium on Soil Remineralization

Soil Remineralization An Essential Environmental Action By Frederick I. Scott, Jr. On May 24, 1994, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (Beltsville, MD), the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) (Washington, DC), the National Stone Association (NSA) Washington, DC), and the National Aggregates Association (NAA) (Silver Springs, MD) cosponsored a forum on "Soil Remineralization and Sustainable Agriculture" at the USDA Agricultural Research Station in Beltsville, MD. That forum could represent a milestone marking officially-sanctioned efforts to implement long overdue action of fundamental importance to human survival, the ultimate reason for environmen...

Minerals for Aging Soils

By Dr. Lee Klinger, Ph.D. Now that I've passed the half-century mark I feel fortunate to be only slightly worse for the wear as my body copes with getting older. Nonetheless, lingering aches in my joints and bones are telling signs that my body is aging. These aches come as no surprise of course. Scientific studies indicate that as organisms grow old their metabolisms slow down and their tissues acidify. Acidification leads to a departure from the chemically balanced, neutral pH state preferred by most living systems, around pH 7. I'm quite aware that the buildup of acidity in the human body is associated with any number of health problems, from ...

High School Students Astonished!

High School Students Astonished! Under the tutelage of Botany teacher Michael Collins at the Reeds Spring High School in Missouri, students have been testing a natural trace mineral product making its mark in organic and traditional growing circles. Students found that the addition of AZOMITE(R) to the planting medium dramatically improved germination, growth, size, vigor, bloom life, bloom color, leaf color, reproductive organ size and the number of babies produced. (more…)

The Quest for Nutrient Density

The Quest for Nutrient Density By Jon C. Frank Food... The mere mention of this single word brings so many images to mind; enjoyment, family, celebration, community, satisfaction, creativity, and exploration to name just a few. Around the world cultures and food are inextricably intertwined. Food, like language, defines a culture. In America a culture war of sorts is going on between an industrialized food supply and those who wish to celebrate food as a labor of love. We also see a tremendous surge of interest in the nutritional aspect of foods. On the one hand we see a society facing an ever-increasing amount of degenerative diseases and on the ...

How to Remineralize the Earth: Getting vital nutrients back into our soil

How to Remineralize the Earth: Getting vital nutrients back into our soil We know that "traditionally grown" fruits and vegetables we see in supermarkets are both lacking in vitamins and minerals and have added chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides. These toxic additions in particular fueled the demand for organic produce but did not completely address the lack of nutrients. Going back in time, our soil was rich with minerals, which found their way into our foods in healthy doses. Mineralized soil grew healthier crops providing the vitamins and minerals we now need to take as supplements. Additionally, hardier plants were capable of repelling ...

Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener

Andy Lopez, Invisible Gardener Visit the website of Andy Lopez at InvisibleGardener.com. Andy has a weekly radio show on Saturday mornings at 10 AM PST. Call in to ask questions about remineralization. Don Weaver and Joanna Campe are guests on his "rock dust parties" on his show from time to time.

Bob Cannard, keynote speaker at the Acres USA Conference

Bob Cannard, keynote speaker at the Acres USA Conference Acres U.S.A. is North America's oldest, largest magazine covering eco-agriculture. The annual Acres U.S.A. conference brings together farmers and consultants from every side of eco-farming to share their experience and expertise. The 2005 Acres U.S.A. Conference, Food as Medicine, Farm as Healer: Producing Crops of Superior Nutritional Density, Innovating and Adding Value on the Farm, Effectively Selling to Quality-Conscious Markets, took place in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 8-10, 2005. (AcresUSA.com) (more…)

Remineralization on a roll:

Remineralization on a roll: Joy Kogias of New South Wales, Australia, has come up with an ingenious product to combat global warming, the greenhouse effect, loss of marine biodiversity and mass extinction. Enviro-Roll Sea Tissue is for use on all ocean going vessels, offshore oil platforms, etc...When used and disposed of in fresh or saltwater environments, the toilet paper, which is impregnated with glacial moraine, nourishes the burgeoning phytoplankton which are a key to stabilizing the climate. Enviro-Roll Land Tissue promotes the growth of land vegetation once used and discarded. She has developed regional specific seed mixes combined with rock ...