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The Greening of the Nevada Prison System

The Greening of the Nevada Prison System The Greening of the Nevada Prison System project is a pilot program that intends to develop sources of woody biomass feedstocks for conversion into biofuels, biopower, and biobased products through a comprehensive program that advances the use of fast growing trees in enriched soil conditions along with better forest/woodlot management. The economics of this integrated system are enhanced by innovative production systems, low cost labor including prison inmates, and creative technologies such as remineralization. (more…)

Swedish Recognition for SEER Rockdust Magic

Swedish Recognition for SEER Rockdust Magic The fast growing popularity of the soil remineralizing SEER Rockdust has spread across the North Sea to Sweden. (more…)

Ocean Arks Carbon Sequestering Project: A Forest in Costa Rica

Agroforestry Project in Costa Rica: Food, Fuels & Income to Sustain Local Communities By John Todd Project manager William Turley showing one year old Jatropha fruit Almost a year ago we embarked upon a long hoped for dream. Our Costa Rica based colleagues and partners, long term New Alchemist William Turley and his green- thumbed wife Angie Sanchez are planting trees on their land on the deforested lower slopes of the Volcano Miravalles in Guanacaste. Our plan is to replace formerly forested, overgrazed grasslands there with a working landscape of trees. The land is currently leased from William and Angie. Within the year we would like to buy ...

Forests of Champions

  A Conversation with Tree Farmer David Milarch Who Sees New Hope in Old Giants. By David Yarrow    We can dream the future, we can talk about the future, we can visualize the future, but if we really want a future, we must act. Christmas Eve, 1996, I interviewed David Milarch, founder of the Michigan Champion Tree Project. Tall, bearded, with stout limbs and a thick trunk, he looks like a latter day Paul Bunyan. Or a full size chestnut tree in flesh and blood. But his lumberjack physique is dwarfed by his immense ideas - and his ardent exposition of them. However, the Paul Bunyan figure interrogating me is no lumberjack ...

The Eco-Logic of Vermiculture

Earthworms and Bacteria Enjoy a Symbiotic Relationship By Uday Bhawalker Each organism has a role and occupies a niche. In fact, shown by the Russian ecologist, Gause, about 30 years ago that each niche has only one organism with its specific food. If another organism is introduced, it either gets wiped out or creates its own micro-niche by living symbiotically with the first, for example, by using the waste matter of the first organism as food. (more…)


Remineralize Soils to Optimum Elemental Balance SeaAgri, Inc. introduces SEA-90, a 100% water soluble, natural, non-synthetic, mined mineral fertilizer approved for use by certified organic farmers is avaiable in North America. SEA-90 is a remarkable new product containing 90+ essential elements. (more…)

Revisiting the 1994 USDA Symposium on Soil Remineralization

Soil Remineralization An Essential Environmental Action By Frederick I. Scott, Jr. On May 24, 1994, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (Beltsville, MD), the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) (Washington, DC), the National Stone Association (NSA) Washington, DC), and the National Aggregates Association (NAA) (Silver Springs, MD) cosponsored a forum on "Soil Remineralization and Sustainable Agriculture" at the USDA Agricultural Research Station in Beltsville, MD. That forum could represent a milestone marking officially-sanctioned efforts to implement long overdue action of fundamental importance to human survival, the ultimate reason for environmen...

Minerals for Aging Soils

By Dr. Lee Klinger, Ph.D. Now that I've passed the half-century mark I feel fortunate to be only slightly worse for the wear as my body copes with getting older.   None-the-less, lingering aches in my joints and bones are telling signs that my body is aging. These aches come as no surprise of course. Scientific studies indicate that as organisms grow old their metabolisms slow down and their tissues acidify. Acidification leads to a departure from the chemically balanced, neutral pH state preferred by most living systems, around pH 7. I'm quite aware that the buildup of acidity in the human body is associated with any number of health proble...

High School Students Astonished!

High School Students Astonished! Under the tutelage of Botany teacher Michael Collins at the Reeds Spring High School in Missouri, students have been testing a natural trace mineral product making its mark in organic and traditional growing circles. Students found that the addition of AZOMITE(R) to the planting medium dramatically improved germination, growth, size, vigor, bloom life, bloom color, leaf color, reproductive organ size and the number of babies produced. (more…)

The Quest for Nutrient Density

The Quest for Nutrient Density By Jon C. Frank Food... The mere mention of this single word brings so many images to mind; enjoyment, family, celebration, community, satisfaction, creativity, and exploration to name just a few. Around the world cultures and food are inextricably intertwined. Food, like language, defines a culture. In America a culture war of sorts is going on between an industrialized food supply and those who wish to celebrate food as a labor of love. We also see a tremendous surge of interest in the nutritional aspect of foods. On the one hand we see a society facing an ever-increasing amount of degenerative diseases and on the ...