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Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.

Taylor Hollow Road P.O. Box 400 Collins, New York 14034 (716) 532-3371 www.gernatt.com Western New York and N.W. Pennsylvania's Preferred Supplier of Construction Materials with Eight Locations: Our companies have been involved in the sand, gravel and asphalt businesses for over fifty years. Since the original site was opened in the late 1940s, we have grown to include seven sand and gravel processing plants, four hot-mix asphalt plants, one contractor supply outlet, and many sand and gravel excavation sites. Gernatt is proud to be one of the largest sand and gravel producers in New York State. This is a glacial til by-product that is ...

Geologists from Brazil Produce Natural Fertilizer

RockAll is the first and only company in Brazil to produce natural fertilizers made of minerals found in rocks. Established by Prudêncio Rodrigues de Castro Júnior and José Carlos Alves Ferreira, the company is based in the the mid-western Brazilian state of Mato Grosso and the fertilizer is now ready for the international market.

Remineralize the Earth Under Sponsorship!

  Remineralize the Earth is being generously sponsored by Natural Vitality under the company's Natural Revitalization program. As part of the program's aim to address global warming, RTE will be receiving a percentage of Natural Vitality's profits in 2007. The company will also play an integral role in helping us expand our membership base and has designed the new logo for Remineralize the Earth seen here. Click here to read the press release!

Join a Competition for Remineralized Carrots

Join a Competition for Remineralized Carrots The June issue of Acres, USA, The Voice of Eco-Agriculture, is focused on minerals. In the article The Quest for Nutrient Density, by John C. Frank at International Ag-Labs, a competition has been created for all interested growers to grow the most nutrient dense carrots possible. We would like to invite remineralizers to submit their carrots for the competition. They will be analyzing a number of samples from various commercial growers, including Bob Cannard, who grows carrots for Alice Water's Chez Panisse Restaurant. The results of the carrot competition, with some statistical analysis, will be made ...

Remineralize the Earth Embarks on a Research Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Remineralize the Earth Embarks on a Research Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst RTE has just embarked on a research project in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts to document the effect on nutrient density of crops with the application of rock dusts and biological amendments. Click here for magazine article .

Real Food Campaign at Whole Foods Markets

For Release after October 1, 2007 Remineralize the Earth (www.remineralize.org), an international environmental nonprofit organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts, is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign. The Real Food campaign will be launched in the coming months. It is focused on educating and networking farmers, agronomists, policy makers, supermarkets and consumers about remineralized, nutrient dense foods that are high in minerals and trace elements. Currently most food crops are grown on poor soils resulting in crops that are deficient in many ...

Saving Dying Oaks in California

Hearst Castle Study Scientist Lee Klinger has initiated Sudden Oak Life, a movement to put forth a more global, systems approach in understanding and solving the tree decline problem in California and elsewhere focusing on boosting the fertility of the soils with natural, mineral-rich fertilizers so that the trees are healthier and better able to survive attacks by diseases and pests. View results on Dr. Lee Klinger's website, suddenoaklife.org. Case study results from treated and untreated coast live oaks from January 4, 2006 to September 25, 2007. An article on Dr. Lee Klinger, Saving the California Oaks: Dr. Lee Klinger uses remineralization to ...

RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign

RTE Fundraiser to Launch Real Food Campaign RTE is working together with two Whole Foods Market stores in Massachusetts in October to raise funds for its new Real Food campaign. Joanna Campe and Dan Kittredge of RTE will have a booth at the Acres USA Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, from December 6-8, 2007. The Real Food campaign will be seeking to increase the demand and facilitate the supply of nutrient dense foods. We are coordinating farmers, farm co-operatives, retailers, consumers, mineral suppliers, and agronomists.

Why Remineralize?

In this unintended "experiment" in our garden, we remineralized soil in one raised bed with finely ground granite residue from a water well drilling site. The remineralized soil produced the carrots on the left. Carrots planted earlier, in soil not yet remineralized, but otherwise more improved, are shown at the right for comparison. Dust obtained from a mixture of rock types would have even more dramatic results, according to Weaver and Hamaker. These results were typical for all crops receiving rock dust in our 1985 garden. --Dan Hemenway Benefits of Remineralization Provides slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals. Increases the ...