Diagram of carbon processes, showing carbon from the air entering forests and plants, then into organisms in the soild
Aerial view of large PNTI facility
The Future Forest Company project in Brisbane Mains, Scotland
A soy plantation in western Bahia, Brazil. Image by Fernanda Ligabue Greenpeace.
The book cover of A World Without Soil, and a photo of author Jo Handelsman
Photo mosaic of the speakers who presented in English at the IV Congresso de Rochagem: Peter van Straaten, David Manning, and Philipp Swoboda
Hills in China showing signs of terraced afforestation.
A river of sediment-laden water running through a glacier in Greenland
Photo of a tractor spraying rock dust into a field
Photo of crop roots affected by club root, with the club formation clearly visible.
Official graphic for the COP26 conference.
John Slack at Spanish River Carbonatite Complex
Crops in a city
Together for our planet logo
Elon Musk posing in front of a photo of the Earth and the XPrize logo
Glyn Mitchell carrying freshly harvested hemp
Tractor applying rock dust to a field
Dr. John Sterman presenting the En-ROADS Simulator
David Munson standing in a cornfield.
The plot receiving the volcanic ash on the left, and the control plot on the right
Image of RTE's listing on the GuideStar website, showing the Platinum Seal of Transparency.
Members of Kosmologym playing basketball in the Dirtball installation
Sepia photo of Cameron Thomson from a print magazine cover
David Munson leaning on a tree, wearing denim shirt.