2021 Online International Nature Farming Convergence

December 2 – December 5, 2021

Tickets: $33


Join speakers Gil Carandang, Subhash Palekar, Steve Diver, Rei Yoon, Joanna Campe, Paul Oliver, and more for 3 days of talks and discussion.


About this event

The focus of this event goes far beyond Nature Farming as a series of recipes, instead bringing in natural philosophy and going back to the traditional roots of farming. Why we are doing this may possibly be to Save the Humans. As the world gets increasingly connected by technology, it is also causing cultural amnesia as homogenous forces of consumerism cause the domesticated and industrialized to forget how to live harmoniously in their own ecosystems. Fermentation as an art form, has largely been forgotten due to the convenience of electricity, and so human microbiomes have suffered. Microbial based agriculture can help heal the soil, fostering greater ability for human health, empowering us all through food sovereignty.


List of Speakers (Full schedule here)

Gil Carandang

Known as the godfather of Organic Farming in the Philippines, Gil is a master of Nature Farming and has adapted over many decades his own style that is transferrable almost anywhere. He was one of the first to bring these ideas and techniques of culturing indigenous microorganisms to N. America.


Subhash Palekar

Founder of Zero Budget Natural Farming, now known as Subhash Palekar Spiritual Farming, Palerkar-ji has helped transform the lives of millions of Indian farmers in restoring life to the soil and securing their own economic livelihoods.


Steve Diver

Currently working at the University of Kentucky, Steve is reknowned for his synthesis of microbial technologies ranging from Biodynamics to Effective Microorganisms, while also focusing on the mineral and energetic aspects of soil health.


Rei Yoon

Environmentalist, Nature Farmer and Man of Tai Chi, Rei is one of the most eloquent ambassadors of Korean traditions in the modern era. As a translator he has helped heal the soil, as a speaker he has helped heal the soul, and all of this he does selflessly to help the poor.


Joanna Campe

Joanna Campe, founder of Remineralize the Earth, has spread the message of rock dust and sea minerals and their crucial role in regenerating soils and forests, growing nutrient dense food, and stabilizing the climate through carbon sequestration. She promotes partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector, to initiate projects in the US and worldwide.


Remineralize the Earth: Creating a Blueprint

We will explore community-based agroforestry, transitioning from industrial ag to regenerative agriculture, and everywhere in between. Regenerating forests to sequester carbon, deacidify the oceans and restore coral reefs, and other ramifications you might not have thought of. From establishing the science to legislative action, creating a blueprint for a new Earth.



Paul Olivier Ph.D

Paul Olivier’s main goal is to eliminate poverty and pollution. A leading expert in biochar, gasifier technology and close loop waste fermentation with many patents under his belt, teaches through Empowering the Poor with Waste Technology, a non-profit based out of Vietnam. Throughout all of his environmental endeavors has always been self-employed. He has never been on the payroll of a company or university. He has never received grants or subsidies in the development of any of the environmental technologies he has promoted. In his work as a consultant in Vietnam, he charges nothing. 


Waste Transformation Closed Loop Farming

Plants and animals do not appear separately within the natural world. Did you ever see an ecosystem consisting only of plants? Or an ecosystem only of animals. In the natural world we see multiple animal systems closely coupled to multiple plant systems. So simple and so obvious, that’s the way nature works. Such interdependency and mutualism at the local level must also be extended to the raising of domesticated plants and animals. We must return to the concept of a multi-functional small scale farm where multiple plant systems and multiple animal systems are closely integrated on the one farm. When this happens, small farmers are able to create all of the feed and fertilizer the need without any external input.


Lance Hancherow

Researcher and author Lance Hancherow is an expert in historical and modern aspects of food fermentation. 


Ndungu John Mwangi

Having studied Korean Natural Farming in India, John Mwangi has been instrumental in bringing deep litter pig rearing using IMO to small farmers in Kenya and surrounding countries.


Ryan Drum

Known as one of the world’s leading authorities on seaweed for food and medicine, herbalist Ryan Drum aka Fucus Man, has been an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University since 1984, and he lectures at major herbal conferences and herbal schools. author of over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, the author of Electron Microscopy of Diatom Cells (1966),  and a contributing author of two chapters in Planting the Future and a chapter in Fundamentals of Naturopathic Endocrinology.

The proud father of three wonderful children and two fantastic grandchildren, he lives in a rustic little hilltop cabin he built over 40 years ago on a remote island, off the grid, without indoor plumbing or refrigeration.


Seaweeds for food and medicine: wild and cultivated

Mestre Cobra Mansa

Founder of the Permangola community in Brazil which weaves together Capoeira and Permaculture.


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