The 10th Annual Soil and Nutrition Conference: Weaving Science and Wisdom

  • A speaker at a past Soil and Nutrition Conference

“The Soil and Nutrition Conference is a wonderful opportunity to learn, network, and make new friends while diving deeper into important concepts pertaining to consciousness, our ecosystem, quality food & water, and our future.”

Lisa McCrory — Earthwise Farm & Forest

(Text freely adapted from Soil and Nutrition Conference website and press materials.)

Hosted by the Bionutrient Institute, the Soil & Nutrition Conference is one of the pre-eminent gatherings to explore the interconnectedness of fertile soils, thriving plants, and the health of humans and the planet. Their 10th anniversary conference will be virtual with weekly sessions every Thursday from 3-4:30pm ET from February to September. All sessions will be recorded and quickly made available to participants if they miss a session, or just want to play it again.

There will be over 30 workshops over the course of eight months in four tracks: Agronomy, Nutrition, Mycelial Culture, and the Real Food Campaign.

This year’s program will:

  • Engage growers and gardeners with principles, practices, and innovations for ecologically and financially sound farming;
  • Present the health-conscious consumer and medical professional with deep insights for functional and holistic health;
  • Provide activists and researchers the valuable tools to effectively select for quality in their local region and food supply; and,
  • Guide all of us toward a decolonized, regenerative, and mycelial culture.

Quote: "One of the best conferences I've ever attended as a young farmer."Together, this conference is the nexus of information and networking for all interested in coming together around soil and nutrition, and around the collective health and well-being of people and planet.

Each year, the Soil & Nutrition Conference brings together leading thinkers and practitioners, each outstanding in their field, to share their insights and personal experience as we grow the movement around food quality.

The Soil & Nutrition Conference brings together an amazing roster of 30+ speakers sharing their research, insights, knowledge, and wisdom alongside a vibrant community energy coalescing around a conscious and regenerative food and agriculture movement.

Not only is it a fantastic conference, but you can support Remineralize the Earth when you attend! We have partnered with the Soil & Nutrition Conference so that when you register — and enter code “REMINERALIZE” — they will give us $25 of your registration fee!

Learn more and register today at

(Note: A previous version of this post identified the Bionutrient Institute by its previous name, the Bionutrient Food Association.)

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