Renew America Award for Remineralize the Earth from 1998

In 1998 Remineralize the Earth was nominated for a Renew America Award by Bill Holmberg, who is a Remineralize the Earth board member and one of the founders of the American Council of Renewable Energy (ACORE). The National Awards Council presented Remineralize the Earth with a Certificate of Environmental Achievement recognizing the outstanding program in the Renew America 1998 Environmental Success Index.

The text taken from Renew America’s original press release for the award:

Renew America announced today that Remineralize the Earth will be included in Renew America’s Environmental Success Index, a one of a kind database filled with successful environmental programs. Each year, the national environmental nonprofit Renew America conducts a nationwide search for programs that provide innovative solutions to today’s tough environmental challenges.

Anna Slater, Renew America’s Executive Director, notes, “The Environmental Success Index provides businesses, local governments, and civic and environmental groups with practical, proven models they can replicate. By recognizing the excellent work of these innovative programs, we help motivate the individuals involved who continue their efforts to improve the environmental quality of their communities and share their success with others.”

To be included in the Index, programs are evaluated on the basis of four criteria: program effectiveness, natural resource conservation, economic progress and human development. Each qualifying program has passed through a rigorous three-stage review process: reference checks and evaluations from independent local organizations, verification of program results by participating nonprofit organizations at the state level, and review by The National Awards Council for Environmental Sustainability.

Coordinated by Renew America, the The National Awards Council for Environmental Sustainability recognizes successful programs and their achievements annually. The coalition of 16 national environmental, nonprofit government and business organizations includes, National Audubon Society , Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Environmental Law Institute, EarthVoice, AT&T, National Geographic Society, and Smithsonian Institution.

Renew America coordinates the day of environmental solutions, which will be on Earth Day, April 22, this year [1998]. In the afternoon, a live National Town Meeting video teleconference Global Warming: Local Solutions, will link audiences and cities across the country with a panel of experts in Washington, D.C. The evening will continue with the 8th annual National Awards for Environmental Sustainability, honoring 28 of the 1,500 programs, co-hosted by the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

As America’s leading source for environmental solutions, Renew America identifies, verifies and promotes exemplary environmental programs. By offering positive, constructive models, Renew America inspires communities, government agencies and communities to meet today’s environmental challenges.

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