IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem

Conference Title: IV Congresso Brasileiro de Rochagem

Date: November 8 – 11, 2021 

Location: Catalão – Goiás, Brazil

Website: http://eventos.ufg.br/SIEC/portalproec/sites/gerar_site.php?ID_SITE=15361


Even greater advances and challenges signal the importance of holding the IV Brazilian Congress of Rochagem, which will take place at the Federal University of Goiás – Regional Catalão, in the city of Catalão-GO, from 8 to 11 November 2021, where participants will be able to share and expand discussions and suggestions for achieving its implementation on a large scale.


  • Present and disseminate technical and scientific advances related to the method of characterization, agronomic efficiency and biological properties of the soil, as well as the use of soil remineralizers;
  • Evaluate and discuss the advances made over the past few years;
  • Encourage the formation of multidisciplinary research networks with rock dust for soil remineralization and fertilization;
  • Formalize initiatives of local agriculture and mineral production to consolidate the use of rock dust as a mechanism for the remineralization of degraded or chemically impoverished soils;
  • Discuss the creation of the National Remineralization Policy (PNR). Expand the registration of commercialization and use of remineralizers.

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